level 60 tauren male druid and human male paladin – rattlegore Us pvp and Pagle us Pve

Account has characters created on locked servers Herod and whitemane.
Feral druid -rattlegore: warden staff, Embrace of lycan, Cloak of warding, 3 pieces of T0
naglering,rune of guard captain,Impervious giant,Blackveil cape,masons ring
Wolfshead helm
3 banks slots opened, 30 gold in bags.
300 skining, 60 cooking and 60% mount
Human paladin-pagle: Prot spec, Medallion of grand marshal moris,
Weiling nightbane pauldrons,Truesilver breastplate, hammer of grace, Skullflame shield
magni’s will, blackstone ring, mark of chosen,Guardian talisman, Dreadforge retailiator
225 blacksmith. 140 first aid. 60% mount. 500 gold in bags.

server: rattlegore us pvp and pagle us pve


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