level 60 male human paladin and NE hunter+ pala -Netherwind US PvP

Superb geared hunter:
4xT1, T2 head, Devilsaur set,Onyxia tooth pendant,cape of black baron
Lok+Rhok, 2x tarnished elven ring, Blackhand breadth, Royal seal
blackstone ring, barbarous blade
Attunements done.
epic mount 300 riding, 55 enchanting, 240 engineering
Paladin: Superb geared holy/prot off spec
Prot gear: Deathbone set x3, Silent fang, Skulflame shield,saphiron scale boots, Essence of pure flame
nagelring,uther strenght
Weapons: Silent fang,Finkle lava dredger,hammer of vesper
Holy gear: 3xT2, 4xT1,Animated chain necklace,hide of the wild, Robes of exalted,Loomguard armbraces
Brightly glowing stone,harmonious gauntlets,boots of full moon.
60% mount, 300 skining
Both paladin and hunter were server transferred on 18/3/2020.
On account there is number of characters spread on other servers:
hearthseeker pvp: Lvl 36 rogue,lvl 27 mage, lvl 24 war
Account has characters on locked servers where character creation and migration isnt possible
those servers are : earthfury, benediction and westfall
gametime paid until may 23rd

Server: netherwind US PvP

server Transfer was used on 18th march 2020.

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