Undead Priest+ Orc warrior Skeram US

Superb geared priest both holy and shadow set.
Holy: +586 bonus healing! 5xT1, benediction,Animated chain necklace, Hide of the wild
Truefaith vestments,royal seal, Second wind, Padre trousers, manastorm leggings
Fordring seal, emerald ring
Shadow set: + 290 bonus shadow damage! Felcloth gloves, robe of winter night, Anathema,several greens
with + shadow spell damage, Eye of orgrimar, burial shawn, Crimson felt hat
Almost honored with Frostwolf clan faction.
289 alchemy
300 tailoring
300 riding epic mount

Orc male warrior:
Superb arms/fury warrior with 2 hand weapon.
mask of unforgiven, Devilsaur set, Mark of fodring,Black dragon mail set 3/4
Blackmist armguards,Flameguard gantlets,Brigam girdle, Assault band,
blackstone ring, rune of guard captain,hand of justice
Weapons: Obsidian edge blade and riphook ranged.
288 engineering,300 mining,300 first aid, 60% mount

Server: Skeram US pvp

gametime: Up until 24th feb

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