R10 Elf Rogue

Rank 10 Elf female rogue-Ten storms Eu PvP

Lieutenant Commander Rank 10 rogue, 60% in to rank 11.
Full Pvp gear set,Ony Tooth pendant, Cloak of firemaw,tarnished elven ring
Don julio band,HOJ, Blackhand breadth,
3xT1, 3xT2,Aged core leather gauntlets
Weapons: Perdition blade + Bonescraper+ Bloodseeker
Exalted AV, Friendly WSG
300 herbalism,100 mining, 300 riding epic mount
300 FA
Has level 60 warrior alt. NE female as well.
Warrior has some pre bis gear with some bis pieces like Edgemasters
Lionhearth, devilsaur.Blackstone ring etc.
Warrior has 300 herbalism 300 mining and epic mount

On account there are retail wow characters with some REALLY expensive mounts such as
swift spectral tiger , spectral wind rider , and direhorn. those mounts cost 2k usd +


Server: Ten storms PvP eu

Gametime: Paid up until april 2

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