Human mage-Rank 12 Marshal

Level 60 human female mage Rank 12 Marshal

Superb geared mage both PVp and pve sets.

Pve set: T2.5 head, 4xT2,Charm of shifting sands,Cloak of consumption, Rockfury bracers,

Claw of chromagus, tome of ice lord, touch of chaos, Neltharion tear, mind quickening gem, mana ignition cord,

ringo boots, band of vaulted secrets, band of forced concentration

+550 bonus spell damage

Pvp gear: Full lieutenant commander set, 3 pieces of marshal epic pvp set,

Extra weapons:Iron bark staff, Azuresong mageblade

300 engi, 300 herbalism,300 first aid and75 riding

Awesome Rank 12 marshal mage. Great pvp gear as well as pve gear set! Dont miss it out.

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