Shadow priest-6.5 Bis

Human female shadow priest+Hunter alt
Bis geared shadow priest! +3572 spell power
6515 Gs full sanctified set, Blood queen choker,Cloak of burning dust,Bracers of fiery night
Plaguebringer pants,Plague scientist boots,Ring of rapid ascent, Ashen band,
Phylactery and Charred Twilight scale
Weapons: Royal scepter+ shadow silk spindle
6x wrathful off set pieces and 1 set piece.
Full relentless pvp set.
Titles: Knight, kinglsayer, Ashenverdict.Nightfall and others.
Maxed Jc and tailoring. 2.5k achi
On account there is hunter alt with 6.1 k gs
. Has full sanctified set + big love rocket mount.


server: Warmane Icecrown

Superb geared shadow priest with hunter alt!

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