Shaman-Bis 3 spec+ alts

Male orc shaman-BIS Elemental , resto and enha+ bis alts.
Superb end game geared shaman with great transmogs!
4 sets of gear everything with great transmoged look.
6560 gearscore elemental,6511 gearscore resto,6403 gearscore enhancement
6146 gearscore pvp- needs 2-3 items upgraded to be bis.
Has 4x sanctified set items for all 3 specs! 3645 achievement points
Mounts: Invincible, Ironbound proto drake,Crusaders black warhorse
titles: bane,jenkins, legionaire,AV, kingslayer, LOD
Elf male hunter: bis PVE geared with 6533 gearscore.
has decent pvp set with 6129 gearscore as well. 2.8k achievemtn points.
Hunter has ivincible mount+ swift zulian tiger. Hunter has great transmog as well.
Elf female druid: Close to bis feral-6441, needs hands and waist replaced. Superb transmog.
Has 6.1k balance set. 2.7k achi points. Crusaders warhorse
Human female rogue: BIS pve geared rogue with 6450 gearscore.
has pvp gear set with 6k gearscore as well.
Awesome transmog! 2.8k achi points
Icebound frostbrood vanquisher mount, Crusaders white warhorse.


server: warmane icecrown

Superb 3 spec BIS shaman + several BIS alts!

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