Shaman+ war

Female tauren shaman+ Female orc warrior -Skeram US pvp

Superb geared shaman, resto gear:
6xT1, 2xT2,Animated chain necklace, Hide of the wild
Robes of exalted, Loomguard armbraces,Witchblade, Lei of lifegiver
Corehound belt,Merciful greaves, Rosewind circle,Ring of blackrock
Second wind and royal seal.
+665 bonus healing non buffed.
Exalted AV, Attuned,Epic mount
300 alchemy, 315 herbalism, 300 first aid
Rank 4 at the moment
Orc female warrior:
mostly pre raid bis gear including: Devilsaur set,
Mask of unforgiven, Mark of fordring,Frostwolf legionaire cloak,
Deathdealer breastplate,Girdle of bestial fury,Assault band, rune of guard captain
blackhand breadth and more.
Weapons: Serathil,Ribsplliter of agility and blackcrow ranged.
Honored AV,280 engineering
300 mining,60% mount
rank 3 atm.

Server: Skeram US PVP


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