Tauren druid-Bis resto 6.5k Val’anyr

┬áTauren male druid- BIS resto, Val’anyr, Close to bis Feral
Superb geared druid. resto geared with 6430 gearscore.
Has Val’anyr, 4/5 sanctified set,Bone sentinel amulet,Greatcloak of turned champion, Sanguine silk robes
Bracers of fiery night,Profesors bloodied smock,Boots of unnatural growth,memory of malygos,
marrowgar frigid eye, glowing twilight scale,Althor’s abacus, Sundial of eternal dusk,idol of black willow
+3554 bonus healing
Titles: jenkins,Stone guard, Av, Nightfall,Argent defender, Kingslayer,LOD, noble, Patient
450 alchemy,450 skining,Solid amount of currency. Has 10x scroll’s of deception.
On account there is number of alts between 4-6k gs:Shaman , warlock, paladin, hunter,Dk, priest, rogue and mage.

server: icecrown warmane

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