Tauren druid-Resto and feral

Level 60 tauren male druid

Superb geared druid. Resto gear and feral set.

8/8 T1, 2xT2,Animated chain necklace, hide of the wild,Bracers of prosperitu, Aurastone hammer, Lei of lifegiver

Hands of exalted herald, Corehound belt,Eye of orgrimar, Fordring seal,Second wind, Royal seal

+ 605 bonus healing non buffed.

Exalted AV

300 leatherworking, 300 tailoring,300 first aid

75 riding

bags full of consumables.

Feral gear:Onyxia tooth pendant,Frostwolf cloak, Thick silithind chestguard,Scaled bracer of the gorger, unstoppable force 2 hander

Devilsaur set,Frostwolf belt,Moongoose boots,Don julio band,

bags full of consumables.

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