Tauren warrior 60-Faerlina US

Level 60 tauren warrior-Faerlina US

Decent geared prot warrior.
Epic and pre raid bis gear.
Epics: Skullflame shield,Boosts of avoidance, Stockade pauldrons
Rest of the gear:medallion of grand marshal moris, Gargoyle stone cape,
Ornate adamantium breastplate,Bone slicing hatchet, trash blade, Satyrs bow
Stonegrip gauntlets,Deathbone girdle, Legplates of eternal guardian,nagelring,
band of flesh, Mark of chosen,hand of justice. Barbarous blade and more.
148 alchemy
123 herbalism
300 first aid
60% riding, 50 gold in bags.
Attuned to onyxia and MC.

Server: Faerlina US

Decent geared protection warrior with great items such as Stockade pauldrons and Skullflame shield.