Troll hunter-Bis 6.5k

Troll male hunter bis pve and close to bis pvpĀ 

On account there is 46 points which can be used

Pve gear: 6505 full sanctified set, most of the gear is HC

Weapons: Oathbinder,Fal’inrush

Trinkets: DBW and STS

PVP set: 4/5 WF set items + off set items

Titles: Champion of frozen wastes, Legionaire,Twilight vanquisher, Of ashen verdict,of nightfall, kingslayer,LoD, Patient

450 engi,450 JC, 2k gold in bags and alot of consumables and sellable items

2740 achi points.


server: warmane icecrown

Bis pve and close to bis pvp hunter

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