Troll mage -6k gs Pve

Troll male mage
Great geared mage with 5950 gs pve
4/5 sanctified,Blood queen choker,Greatcloak of turned champion,Meteor chaser raiment,Bracers of fiery night,
Belt of ommision,Icecrown spire sandals,ashen band, ring of madening whispers
Trinkets: Nevermelting ice crystal, ring of maddening whispers
weapons: Barb of tarasque, Mystiying charm, wand of ruby claret
Titles: Ambasador, Champion of froen wastes, Chef,Crusader, Merrymaker, Legioaire, Of-all cities, Ashen verdict,
nightfall, kingslayer, love fool and more.
5480 achivement points, 31 pet, 64 mounts
notable mounts: red proto drake
13 exalted factions, 450 alchemy, 450 herbalism, 450 cooking. fishing, first aid
Solid amount of currency.
On account there is lvl 19 UD male rogue twink with 4 items that give bonus exp.

server: Warmane lordaeron

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