Mage+Rogue-Zandalar Tribe PvP

Level 60 male troll mage and Male UD rogue- Zazndalar Tribe EU Rppvp

Superb geared mage with 3xT1 and 3xT2, star of mystaria, Spritecaster drape
Azuresong mageblade, Tome of ice lord, Bonecreeper stylus,Hands of power
Skyshroud legs,Zanzil ring, Ring of spell power, Eye of the beast, Briarwood
Robe of archmage. About +400 bonus spell power!
Epic mount! Exalted AV, 300 alchemy 300 herbalism, 300 first aid

Ud rogue is epic geared with Devilsaur set, Dal rend weapon set,Eye of rend
Onyxia pendant,3x Zandalar madcap pieces,Might of tribe, Belt of preserved heads
Don julio band, Tarnished elven ring,Blackhand breadth, Hand of justice
4xT1,Zandalar hero medallion, Krol blade, Lobotomizer
Exalted AV, 60 % mount

Server: Zandalar Tribe EU Rppvp


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