Troll warrior-BIS fury/arms dual wield

Female troll warrior – BIS arms/fury dual wield.
6887 pve arms/fury geared warrior bis geared.
4/5 sanctified,Penumbra pendant, Shadovault slayer cloak,Tosk wristguards,Aldrianas gloves,Vengeful noose,Apocalypse advance,
Frostbrood sapphire ring,Ashen band,Deathbringer will, sharpened twilight scale
Weapons: Shadowmourne+Glorenzelg,Fal’inrush ranged.
4295 achievement points.
Titles: Bane, Blood guard,Brewmaster, elder,Flame keeper, Matron,Merrymaker, Patron,AV, Shatered sun,Argent champion. Hallowed,
kingslayer, lod,love fool, patient,noble,pilgrim
3 pages of pets, some of which are rare
mounts: Violet proto drake, big battle bear,brewfest kodo
405 engi, 412 jc.
On account there is Night elf death knight alt with 5.5k gs.


server: warmane icecrown

Great bis geared warrior with Shadowmourne+ Glorenzelg weapons!

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