UD mage-60 Gehenass EU

Level 60 male undead mage-Genehass EU
Decent geared mage. +260 spell power
Staff of dominance, 2xT1, rest of the gear is pre raid bis.
249 engineering, 279 mining. 240 FA. 60% mount.
20 gold in bags. Rank 7 water. Most of the keys are obtained.
bank full of materials worth perhaps 50-70 gold.
has dozen of engineering items plus items like: Carrot on a stick, luffa, smots compas and so on.
Is a member of a raiding guild. You can chose to stay there because theres raiding spot already, or leave it if you want.

Server: Gehenass EU

Decent geared mage with great weapon such as Staff of Dominance.