UD priest- BIS 6.5kgs disc/holy

UD female priest BIS holy/disc.

48 points on account. Superb TBC set transmog.

Superb bis geared Holy/disc priest.
6539 GS, +3920 healing/spell power. Gear is fully enchanted and gemmed
4 pieces of sanctified set,Blood queen crimson choker,Cloak of burning dusk,Bracers of fiery night,San’layn ritualist gloves,Lingering illnes,
plague scientist boots,Ring of maddening whispers,Ring of phased regeneration,Solace of the fallen, Glowing twilight scale
Weapons: Royal scepter of Terenas II,Shadow silk spindle, Corpse impaling spike
Titles: Bane, Scout, Ashen verdict,Kingslayer, lod, Patient,
Mounts: Fiery warhorse,Brewfest kodo, Invincible,
450 JC,420 tailor


server: warmane icecrown

Superb geared priest. BIS gear disc/holy spec

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