UD priest+Orc war-Skeram US

Level 60 undead female priest-Skeram US

Superb geared priest both shadow and holy gear. Full pre raid bis/Epic geared
Holy set:Crimson felt hat,Animated chain necklace, elder wizard mantle,
Hide of the wild, Robes of exalted, the hammer of grace, brightly glowing stone,
T1 gloves, T1 waist,padre trausers, Dragonrider boots,Fordring seal, Rosewine circle
Royal seal and briarwood reed, whipvine cord.
Has + 500 bonus heal!
Shadow gear:Crimson felt hat, Anastari heirloom,kentic amice, Spiritecaster drape,
Robe of everlasting night, Scepter of unholy,Briarwood reed, Eye of orgrimar,maleki footwraps
Sacred cloth leggings,Thuzadin sash
Has +240 bonus shadow spell power
Attunements done.
Has epic mount 300 riding.
Alchemy 300, Herbalism 300.
On account there is lvl 54 orc female warrior
Decent geared for its level. Mostly blue dungeon gear
Warrior has 270 engineering and 280 mining
300 first aid and 60% riding

Server: Skeram US

Superb geared priest for both shadow and holy. very well developed account!

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