Undead priest

level 60 male undead priest-Golemagg EU PvP

Superb geared priest holy and shadow gear sets.
2xT2,5xT1, benediction/Anathema, cauterizing band, seal of archmagus,
hide of the wild,animated chain necklace, fordring seal, royal seal, briarwood reed.
Dragon finger wand BIS healing wand.
Engineering 280+ with alot of gadgets, herbalism 300 first aid 300
Epic mount 100%
Bnet account is colectors account with alot of games.
Some highlights:
Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls purchased
1300+ Paragon level softcore and 600+Paragon lvl hardcore
Heartstone big amount of cards
Golden Portrait (500+ wins) on Druid AND Warlock
Medivh Hero purchased
Has Maiev Shadowsong Hero
Some old like naxxramas,blackrock spire has been purchased
Starcraft 2 all 3 expacs purchased with HotS deluxe edition
Maximum leagues achieved (team Master and 1v1 Diamond)
Current leagues 1v1 diamond and 4v4 diamond
All coop commanders (except Tychus) Are bought and level 15
Coop ascension level 140
3000 career games
9200 achievements
Nova Mission pack bought

server: golemag EU PVP

Additional information