Ud war- 6.8k bis pvp & pve

UD male warrior -Bis PvP & PvE gear
Superb end game geared warrior. 6819 gearscore
Bis geared for both pvp and pve! Arms/fury spec!
Pvp gear: 5/5 gladiator set, Shadowmourne
Pve gear: 5/5 sanctified set,Penumbra pendant, Sylvanas cuning, Tosk wristguards,Aldriana gloves, Coldwraith links, Apocalypse advance
Ashen band, Frostbrood sapphire ring, Sharpened twilight scale, Deathbringer will
Extra weapons: 2x Glorenzelg HC , Wrath gladiator handaxe and edge. Warglaive of Azzinoth legendary
Titles: Bane. Legionaire,Twilight vanquisher, Ashen verdict, nightfall,Kingslayer, Lod
Mounts: Invincible, Zullian tiger
2k achievement points
On account there is number of alts between 4-6k gs: Druid, Paladin, mage, rogue,hunter


server; warmane icecrown

Bis pvp and pve geared warrior!

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