UD priest 60-Bloodfang EU

Level 60 male undead priest

Shadow priest with some points invested in discipline tree.
Items:Felcloth hood, Elder wizard mantle,Deep woodlands cloak,Robe of winter night,Hypnotic blade
Spirit of aquamentes,Shadoweave gloves,Ban’thok sash,Felcloth pants,Omnicast boots,
Eye of orgrimar,Eye of the beast

Has +218 bonus shadow spell power and about 60 gold in bags

Profs: enchanting 266 and tailoring 291

Secondary profs: Cooking 225, fishing 225

Riding: 60% mount + 300 riding skill has been learned.

Extra items: Luffa, Carrot on a stick, Nat’s pagle fishing rod, nifty stopwatch

Server: Bloodfang EU PvP

Great geared shadow priest. Mostly pre bis gear. Has great items such as Robe of winter night and Hypnotic blade.

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