Undead priest

Level 60 male undead priest-Gandling EU

Full pre raid bis geared shadow priest
Crimson felt hat, dark advisor pendant,Burial shawl, Spiritecaster drape
Robe of winter night, Scepter of Unholy, Skul ghastly touch, Felcloth gloves,
Banthok sash,Skyshroud leggings, Maleki footwraps,maiden circle, Eye of orgrimar
Mindtap talisman, Briarwood reed
3 pieces of Necropile set and 2xT1 prophecy set
+350 bonus shadow spell damage
740 pure gold in bags.
Friendly AV
280 mining,125 tailoring, 300 first aid
60% mount
On account there is lvl 39 rogue on Ashbringer server.
Priest is transfer locked at the moment. Transfer was used on april 15th.

Server: Gandling EU

Transfer was used on april 15th

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