War+ rogue 3k gs- Benediction US PvP

Human male warrior + gnome male rogue – Benediction US PvP
Great geared warrior with 3014 gearscore
Gametime paid until 1st september. Both characters are on Benediction server, transfer is available. On account there is also level 55 warlock.
Warrior is arms/prot spec. Has gear set for both tank and dual wield dps.
Gear: 2/5 gladiator set, Choker of vile intent,Swiftsteel shoulders, Drape of the dark reavers, 3/5 warbringer dps items, 3/5 warbringer tank items
Farstrider wildercloak,Swiftsteel bracers,Belt of the guardian.Wrynn dynasty greaves, Battlescar boots,violet signet, Adal signet of defense,regal protectorate, tablet of precision
Extra gear: Helm of stalwart defender,Crimson girdle of indomitable,Sield of impenetrable darkness,Mantle of abrahamis,Drape of dark reavers
Panzarthar breastplate
Weapons:Blazeguard, Blazefury,Steelhawk crosbow,Fool’s bane, gladiator’s bonegrinder
Blacksmiting maxed out, no second prof. Epic riding and epic flying mounts.
Gnome rogue
Pvp orientated rogue with 2922 gearscore
Gear: 3/5 netherblade set, 2/5 gladiator set, Choker of vile intent,Spymistress Wristguards,Wristguards of great beast,Edgewalkers long boots,Ring of thousand marks
Violet signet,Moroes watch, Medallion of alliance, Gloves of dexterous manipulation,Vindicator’s brand
Weapons: Gladiators pummeler,Latros shifting sword,Sunfury bow of the phoenix
368 Lw and 375 skining.225 riding normal flying mount.

great account with geared warrior and rogue. Both have 3kgs.

Benediction TBC US PvP

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