BE paladin-Bis retri SM

Level 80 female BE paladin

6.65k gs retribution geared paladin with Shadowmourne. Full sanctified retribution set. Gear is fully enchanted and gemmed with best gems and enchants.
neck: Woodin necklace Rings: Ashen ring, Skeleton lord circle Trinket:Tiny abomination in a jar, Sharpened twilight scale
Weapon: Shadowmourne legendary Has mix of wrathful and relentles pvp gear set as well.
Titles: jenkins,ashen verdict, Kinglslayer,patient Swift zulian tiger mount
450 alchemy,450 jewelcrafting,450 first aid, 430 cooking,320 fishing and 300 riding
Alot of currency in bags ( Honor, tokens etc: 5.5k gold.
2.5k achievement points On account there is level 80 UD rogue alt

Superb retribution paladin. Best in slot geared with items such as Shadowmourne!

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