Warrior 6.8k bis pve+ Pvp

Male Human Warrior- 6.8k gs bis pve and close to bis pvp
Superb geared arms/fury warrior with grand marshal paladin transmog!
Pve 6885 gearscore: Shadowmounrne+ Glorenzelg Dual wield, 5/5 sanctified set, Penumbra pendant,Recovered scarlet onslaught back,
Tosk maximized writsguards,Aldrianas gloves of secrecy,Coldwraith links,Apocalypse advance,Frostbrood ring, Ashen band,
trinkets: deathbringer + sharpened scale.
Gear is fully properly enchanted and gemmed.
Titles: The undying, Bane,Champion of FW, jenkins, twilight vanquisher,Kingslayer, Lod, patient and many more.
Pvp gear: 3/5 wrathful set pieces( hands, legs and chest) + 2 relentless set pieces + 4 off set wrath pieces. Needs 2 more wrath set pieces to be bis pvp.
Extra weapons: Havoc’s call HC and Oathbinder HC
In bags there is bunch of consumables, potions, flasks etc worth at least 5k gold.
440 engineering,420 JC, 300 riding, 3.4k achievement points.
Massive amount of emblems: 360 EoF, 277 EoT



Superb geared warrior bis pve and almost bis pvp.
Server: warmane icecrown

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