We accept warmane private server as well as  classic wow accounts. Fill in the form and we will contact you.

Few rules:

We are accepting all US and EU  classic wow  accounts. Your account needs to be max level and you need to have all required informations in order to sell account to us! Battle net registered last name must be fake. Example of fake name is : Footballer, Warrior, Adventurer and so on. Anything that looks like real name will not be accepted, so please dont waste your time offering those.


Warmane Private server: Only BIS geared characters. 6.2k + for Icecrown, and 5.8k + For Lordaeron. You need to be able to provide original email of the account. This means that you can permanently sell the email you used to created warmane account. We do not buy any other pricate server accounts.

    Account Information

    Private server Or Classic wow server?
    Are you original Owner?
    Do you have original email used on registration and can you give it?(Mandatory for Warmane accounts)
    If you sell wow classic account- Is last name used on battle net registration real or fake?
    If you sell wow classic account- Is character transfer available?

    Character information

    Private server name/Wow classic server?
    Class Race and Gender
    Armory link (yes wow classic has armory-google it)
    gear description
    Gold Available or other valuable items
    Asking Price-If the price is too high your sale request will be ignored! (US $)

    Contact Information

    Email address-Make sure you check the email often, Expect our reply
    Skype username, do not leave your discord. You will not be contacted via discord.

    Note that you have to give original email as well, if you are selling warmane wow account. For wow classic account battle net last name has to be FAKE! Fill as much information as you can. Please do not expect to get huge amount of money for fresh geared characters. Such requests will be ignored. Once you click submit, your information will automatically be sent to us. We will then proceed to review your account information and present you with an offer via Skype, or E-mail (if we are interested in your account and feel that it would be a good additional to our site’s stock). Please make sure your contact information is correct before submitting this form!


    • Michael says:

      I have sold dozen of accounts thru this website in 3 years. This is my ” go to place” When i want to get rid of my unwanted accounts!

    • Josh says:

      I got very good price for my account and i am satisfied.