Cheapest and safest gold

Gold is available for purchase on the following servers:

  • ALL  EU and US classic wow servers. Official wow – and major private servers.
  • Gold prices for wow classic change often so get in touch with us for current price.

  • Wow Retail Gold prices are 7-12 EUR/USD per gold depending on the server and faction.

  • Get in touch with us via website chat or any other methods and we will tell you exact price and arrange delivery.
  • Delivery time is mostly instant, via mail or face to face!

We have sold more than 1 MILLION gold on Wow Classic so far and NO ONE got banned! You are safe with us!

Gold will be delivered instantly most of the time, but sometimes it can take 30 minutes to one hour.

For price list and orders get in touch with us via live chat or some of the options provided bellow