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Buy Warmane coins here! Warmane coins are currency thats widely used on Warmane servers-Icecrown, Lordaeron, Blackrock and Frostmourne. Coins are most important currency and as a result everyone wants them! As such, they are used on variety of purchases for instance, characters, gear, mounts, weapons, special items, gold, account bonuses. You can also use warmane coins to purchase character customization services such as name change, race change, faction change, boost character level to your desired level and much more. Therefore its safe to say that warmane coins currency is really valuable!  Are you looking to buy that Wrathful PvP Set for your warrior? Than warmane coins are what you need! Or perhaps you would like to have that fancy celestial steed mount? Warmane coins are the way to go!


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After you buy warmane coins, you will get them delivered instantly via warmane gift or trade option. Warmane fees are covered by us. is most stable WOTLK server ever. It consists of 3 major servers and you can read about them in our server description page.

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Buy warmane coins