I found what i want, How do i purchase it?

If you found what you want just contact us via skype, Discord or email and we will tell you price for that particular item or service.

Money Transfer?

We accept Paypal, Skrill and Neteller for now.

How fast will i get item that i purchased?

If gold is delivered refund is not possible. Accounts purchased are not refundable in any case.

Are bans possible?

In 2 years of work and more than 1000 accounts sold and 3000 gold orders delivered we havent had a single banned customer. We have sophisticated methods of gold delivery that renders our gold untraceable. All our accounts have gone through special method of making invisible to Server staff. But as a disclaimer you acknowledge that buying accounts and gold is forbidden on all servers and is grounds for account closure. That said you accept all risks.

Do you offer powerleveling?

Yes we do, we have few options for that.  As always your account is 100% safe and secure with us.

Do you have some feedbacks to vouch for you ?

Of course. We are in this business more than 3 years and have huge reputation on worlds most famous trading site Epicnpc. More than 450 feedbacks there, flawless reputation. We are known for our outstanding service and great prices. There is also feedback page on this website where you can read some for yourself and add yours after a successful transaction.Contact us for more information and details.

Where are the prices for your services and accounts?

Prices change often due to market fluctuations. For current price please contact us!

Can i sell my account to you?

We are NOT buying official retail World of Warcraft accounts.  If you want to sell us your wow account you need to fill out sale form that you can find on the website. Fill in as much information as you can. You will be contacted if we are interested in what you have to offer.

I want account that you do not currently have, Can you find what i need?

Thats not a problem. If you cant find what you want in our stores let us know and we will do our best to get you character of your dreams.