Orc shaman-Resto and ele

Level 60 male orc shaman

Great geared shamy. Main spec resto. Has great elemental set as well and some enha gear.

Resto gear: + 550 bonus healing power.Zulian headdress, tempest talisman,5xT1, 2xT2,Hide of the wild

Bracers of prosperity,Jindo hexer, malistar defender,Zandalar hero charm, Briarwood reed,Fordring seal, Primalist seal,Salamander scale pants

Shimmering geta,Whipvine cord, Harmonious gauntlets

Elemental gear: + 250 bonus damage,Sapphiron drape, Augur regalia 3 set pieces(bracer, belt and chest),Shadow wing focus staff,Eye of orgrimar, band of rumination

Seafury boots,Slimy scaled gauntlets

Some enha gear:Taut dragonhide belt,Gloves of tormented, backwood helm,Savage glad chain,Runed bloodstained hauberk

Low alchemy and herbalism profs

75 riding

20 gold in bags.

Decent healing and damage dealing gear sets! High bonus healing power and spell damage!

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