Ud mage- Warlord Rank 13

Level 60 Male undead mage Rank 13 Warlord!

Superb PVP and pve geared mage.

Full warlord epic pvp set, engineering gadgets, skull of impending doom, Insignia trinkets

gear is fully enchanted.

+550 bonus spell power.

Choker of fire lord, Cloak of brood lord,Rockfury bracers,mana ignition cord, 3xT2, 3 pieces of zandalar set, mish undare,Robe of volatile power, Leggings of the black blizzard

Weapons: Azuresong mageblade, Shadowflame staff, Will of arlok

Off hand:Tome of fiery arcana,Tome of ice lord, Fire runed grimoire,

Rings: Ring of spell power, Band of servitude, band of sulfuras, Don rodrigo band,band of forced concentration,band of vaultd secrets and more.

Trinkets: Mind quickening gem,Talisman of ephemeral power, Zandalar hero charm,Eye of the beast, Briarwood etc

300 engineering, 300 herbalism,300 first aid, 150 riding epic mount

Not much to say here. Ultimate Pvp character. Extremely hard to come by and unique,therefore dont miss this chance to enjoy the pinnacle of PvP combat.

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