Tauren war- Superb Arms

Level 60 tauren male warrior
Awesome geared Arms 2 hander warrior. has tank set as well.
Arms gear: Askhandi greatsword of the Brotherhood,Lionhearth helm, 3 pieces of Heroism D2 set.
Eye of hakkar, Cloak of draconic might, Savage gladiator chain,Bracers of brutality,Gurubashi dwarf destroyer
Onslaught girdle,Titanic leggings,master dragonslayer ring, Quick strike ring,Blackhand, Hand of justice
Tank gear:3xT1, 3xT2, 2 pieces of zandalar vindicator set,Rage of mugamba,Aegis of blood god, Satyrs bow,Bloodlord defender
Heavy dark iron ring,Ony blood talisman,Redoubt cloak and more.
Good amount of consumables.AV exalted
300 alchemy, 300 herbalism, 150 riding epic mount,300 first aid
Rank 4 at the moment

Awesome geared warrior. Has Askhandi sword. Geared for both arms and tank.

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