Orc war-2x DB weapons

Level 60 male orc warrior
Great geared warrior both arms and tank.
Dps gear: 2x Deathbringer weapons dual wield,Obsidian edge blade 2h Sword, lionhearth helm, ony tooth pendant,
truestrike shoulders, cape of black baron,savage gladiator chain, wristguards of stability,Devilsaur set,sapphiron scale boots,
Don julio band, Quick strike ring,hand of justice, Blackhand breadth
Tank gear:6xT1,Ring of binding,Bloodsoaked legplates,Bloodsoaked pauldrons, Redoubt cloak,Draconian deflector,Force of will
Gear is enchanted
Av exalted, 60 gold in bags
300 engineering, 300 mining, 300 cooking,300 first aid
75 riding

This is great warrior with both dps and tank sets.

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